Join process

A, channel support

For the franchisee's store location, experience forecasting provide scientific services, opened for dealers to provide a variety of support, including props supporting decorated support support and return, and the later image upgrades, and so on, encourage dealers to times, to innovative brands and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

Second, brand support

Have a strong planning team, timely and effective promotional marketing activities, to promote Terminal shop fast transaction, promote Terminal shop business performance provides important protection and sustainable force. Introduction of British young legend, APK Noah international brand consultancy for brands, such as combs and remodeling. Successful renewal and film star Huang Xiaoming. And dreams, China CCTV-, Zhejiang satellite TV news channel show, Hunan TV China most strong sound sound of dream, Dragon TV, China cooperate regular brand communications campaigns, online, new media and traditional media to achieve coupling interaction, maximum publicity to promote the brand.

Third, commodity support

Organizes the implementation of two major product launches, invited all over the country to join to the scene to look like order, full PDA terminal support. Vigorously the introduction of high-end suits line at a cost of 25 million Yuan, with the terminal information system, rapid and timely transmitted new information goods to each franchisee (including styles, fabrics, price, number, color, size, stocking, sale etc). In accordance with the sales agents in time, fast delivery, ensure supplement paid on time. Complete the return mechanism to ensure all regions of the country the goods replacement fast and accurate, guaranteed the smooth sale of goods.

Four, the price support

Strict price system, and ensure the lasting success of the brand. National retail brand has always been a rigid target, the company in accordance with the principle of uniform, transparent, open, set up a unified national system of end-market retail price, continue to maintain the brand value and protect the interests of business partners and customers, regulate the market order, build harmonious environment.

Five training support

Human resource is the first energy enterprise development, is the core competitiveness of specific performance. Attaches great importance to training of employees at all positions. Cooperation Institute and the international brand management consulting, management training, brand marketing plan, strategic marketing planning, importing advanced management pattern, a scientific training bases, dealers of new store openings, store, shopping guide for long term professional, systematic, standardized training, for Terminal store output stream of talent.

Six, information support

Actively promote the Apparel ERP system covering, strengthening "double p" (VIP, and ERP) work. Through information platforms of the Apparel ERP system and distribution system, the whole sales chain of static data can be monitored and effective tracking. Project ERP information management system of the investment of tens of millions have achieved enrollment rate from Headquarters to the Terminal 80%, effective and timely adjustments to the Terminal shops and follow-up, as a Terminal decision of profit, providing market information for product development, greatly enhance the brand end retail and commodity of scientific data management and responsiveness.

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