Normal day should be drinking tea?

Tea depends on the amount of tea drinking habits, age, State of health, living conditions, customs, and other factors. Generally healthy adults usually have tea-drinking habit, tea about 12 grams a day, 3-4 BREW is appropriate. For large amount of manual labor, people who consumed, food intake, especially people with high temperature environments, exposure to toxic substances, day 20 grams of tea drinking is also appropriate. Greasy food more, smoke, alcohol can also increase tea consumption. Pregnant women and children, neurasthenia, tachycardia, tea consumption should be reduced.

Chemical composition of tea and its health effects on humans

The chemical composition of tea is made up of inorganic and organic composition of 93~96.5% of 3.5-7.0%. About 27 of the inorganic mineral elements in tea, including phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, manganese, fluoride, aluminum, calcium, sodium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium and other. Organic compounds in tea mainly proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids, alkaloids, polyphenols, organic acid, pigment, fragrance ingredients, vitamins, saponins, sterols, and so on.

There are a variety of teas, what to drink?

Some people in a days among, different time drinking different of tea, morning drink a cup light of senior green tea, woke up brain pure; morning drink a cup Jasmine tea, fragrance Yi people, can improve efficiency; afternoon drink a cup tea, relief refreshing; afternoon breaks rest Shi drink a cup milk tea or drink a cup senior green tea add snack, and fruit, added nutrition; night can find several friends or family reunion with, bubble Shang a pot oolong tea, side talk side tea, don't has a taste. This day tea arrangements if you are interested, may as well give it a try. 

How to modulate the milk te

Many young like drinking delicious of milk tea, rushed bubble preparation method is, first will amount tea into teapot in the, tea dosage than clear drink slightly more some, then rushed into hot water, about 5 minutes Hou, from pot Tsui pour out tea put in coffee cup in the; if is tea bags tea, can will a bags tea even bags put in coffee cup in the, with hot water rushed bubble 5 minutes, abandoned to tea bags. Then added the right amount of milk and the cup of sugar, milk to milk tea was made from Orange, yellow and red. Too much milk, soup color Grey tea flavor is weak, too little milk, lose tea flavor, sugar consumption is easy because of the people, to taste for the degree.

Why people like to use, American ginseng, medlar and white c

Medlar tea, nourishing effect of rejuvenation. The Materia Shu made a more comprehensive discussion on effect of wolfberry fruit: "wolfberry, moistening and nourishing, and fever, while specializing in kidney, lungs, saliva, Qi, for liver and kidney Yin deficiency, again heat and nourishing to medicine. Old Yin deficiency and seven or eight of the ten, so taking more invigorating eyesight greatly cherished ". Wolfberry tea drink, not only for Yin deficiency of liver and kidney induced by dizziness, decreased Visual acuity, lumbar debility, emission and long clothes very efficient and high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, also have a certain effect. 
  Tea with ginseng drink, can make use of American ginseng-flavored hypersensitive nature of cool, adjust the taste and effect of tonifying yin of American Ginseng is really good. This American ginseng tea very good benefit lung stomach, Yin Jin and Qing deficiency, low heating effect. 
White chrysanthemum tea drink, can play a white Chrysanthemum pinggan Qian Yang, the effect of wind-dispersing heat, cooling blood for improving eyesight and white Daisy clear fragrance is sweet, tea drinks can enhance tea flavor, palatability. 
  Drink tea with orange peel, you can use orange peel Qi and eliminating phlegm of effects in the wide, orange peel green tea, can go to the pyrolysis of phlegm, anti-inflammatory, so coughing phlegm decoction of useful. 
  Drink tea with Mint, menthol, menthol in the Peppermint wind-dispersing heat, and brewing up a sense of cool, is the effect of Diuretic medicine. 

Pregnant women, children can drink tea?

Pregnant women, children generally do not drink tea, due to too much too much caffeine in tea causes tachycardia in pregnant women, the fetus will bring too much stimulus, children as well. Therefore generally advocates for pregnant women, children should drink weak tea, through some weak tea, can take some vitamin supplements and minerals such as potassium, zinc nutrition. Child amount of tea can strengthen the intestinal peristalsis, helping digestion; tea heat effect of fire, avoid children's stool causes anal fissures. In addition, the children drinking tea or gargling with tea can also prevent dental caries.

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