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Your life needs to understand

The reason why people live tired, is not fit the shelf, tear can not open face, untied plot (the reason is very simple)
Your life needs to understand the stand in their own position, not everyone is in line with your appetite; standing in other positions, you can also to all the appetite? (Tolerance of others)
People who can simplify complex problems are talented people, and it is silly to complicate simple problems. (People are often willing to be a fool)
A woman most admired men talented, most hated men are too stingy, most afraid of men do not live up to expectations. (Men afraid of the old woman angry)
Itching sometimes worse than pain, hate is often easier than love (paradox of life)
The opportunity for everyone is equal, you can not shoot the chance, but the opportunity comes when you can not do without bullets (doing business is to do this)
Love is like a smallpox, and each of us has to go through it once, and, as with smallpox, we will only get once in a lifetime. You never have to worry about getting a second time.
Ancient love stories and more contemporary love accident (different times).
A person who does not make mistakes usually can not accomplish anything, and there are no shortcomings, often with little merit (Lincoln's experience).
Businessmen are "people who can talk," businessmen are "people who can give birth to ideas." (Alternative explanation)
There are seven virtues: First, do not get the ax, the second is not to interrupt other words, the third is not anxious for success, four questions should be targeted, five answers to meet the reasonable, six is to have a beginning and end, seven is to Based on reality. (Ancient Jewish Proverbs).
Unit to work overtime every day; home never stick; mobile phone home to close; SMS reading on the delete; go to bed snoring shaking; underwear often wear back. (With an affair of the six symptoms).
Do what you think can not do (how much heart, how far the road).
The heart is a two-bedroom house, one is suffering, one is happy. People can not laugh too loud, or laughter will wake up next to the pain. (To avoid very happy).
If you marry a wise and virtuous wife, you will be happy; if you marry a frivolous bitch, you will become a philosopher. (Marriage useful).
Can not tell, can not cry, is the most bitter (life reflected).
Where to fall, just lie down (some pessimists).
The real question is not whether the spouse is the best person, but whether you are trying to be the best person for your spouse (the Happy Marriage Bible).
The only advantage of telling the truth is that you do not have to remember what you said (Quotations User).
You can offend busy people, because they do not have time to care about you; you must not offend idlers, because they have time to deal with you. (Do not offend idlers).
If you can not change your face, then you change your face (not beautiful, it can be very cute).
Than bathing, washing the sauna is more important is the brainwashing, bath does not wash will be distributed odor, brain wash will be eliminated by the times (we often forget this).
Do not believe your memories, the person inside, not necessarily the same miss you (with memories of the road, rather than holding the memories of life).
There should be a better way to start a new day than waking up every morning (office worker philosopher).
Toad want to eat swan, good kind, small things with ambition (to educate the next generation).
Rich does not have much, but less luxury. (New view of wealth).

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